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"Every aspect of their practice has been outstanding...I appreciate all they do for our clients and their families at the Koffel Law Firm"

"...written reports they prepare serve as a useful tool for providing the court with invaluable alternative sentencing options..."

"I refer a client to New Directions at least once a week...they have a proven track record of sound evaluations."

"Our clients are looking for meaningful assessments and Directions Counseling is the premiere counseling group in Columbus."

"Brian has a very high value for quality and it shows in his work and his selection of staff..."

".... assessments are always completed in a timely manner, are well-written, and my clients have given positive feedback about their experiences....I will continue to refer clients..."

"... extremely professional, open minded and compassionate...my clients have always given me great feedback...."

"I have referred countless clients to New Directions throughout my lengthy career as a criminal defense attorney…courteous, timely, knowledgeable, friendly and professional..."


I cannot say enough great things about the service not just provided by this company but Trevor as well. He went above and beyond for me. I was very nervous about the mental health assessment that was court ordered but this company and Trevor really helped relieve that stress. They treat you in a very friendly and professional manner.

Priscilla D. - 10/09/2019

Words cannot describe how satisfied I am with the service I received. Outstanding organization. I highly recommend them.

David K. - 10/09/2019

Absolutely fantastic service. Detailed assessment, but I also felt extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. If you are considering this service, I would highly recommend it. It seems superior to almost all other methods. Very pleased.

NR - 09/28/2019

Absolutely fantastic service. Detailed assessment, but I also felt extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. If you are considering this service, I would highly recommend it. It seems superior to almost all other methods. Very pleased.

NR - 09/28/2019

I recently needed to get a mental health evaluation for court. I went to the local mental health clinic and they recommended several providers however after calling many of them they either could not do it for me and or were months out to get me in. On top of it they wanted 600-700+ or more and for me to come in several times essentially adding cost for each session and report.

FH - 08/23/2019

Dr. Trever Davis at Directions Counseling was truly an amazing experience. Being an extremely busy business owner, and traveling a lot, Dr. Trever Davis and his firm quickly squeezed me into the schedule, working around my travel & work, and he was able to see me within 72 hours and worked around my scheduling restrictions. Dr.

P. Arora - 06/28/2019

After some misguided information and a couple failed attempts setting up appointments at the wrong types of places I am so glad that I found New Directions. The service/assessment that I needed was simple, and for a court in Tennessee. ND had exactly what I needed. Trevor Davis made the process amazingly easy and comfortable.

SR - 06/21/2019

I made a good choice picking New Directions for my Alcohol Use Assessment. We were able to complete the questionnaire online and the interview via telephone. It took about an hour and the report came back a few days later as promised. I highly recommend going this route for your voluntary or mandated assessment and choosing New Directions.

Andrew F - 06/05/2019

The entire process was respectful and prompt. Trevor took time to get to know me, and his report was right on the mark.

JN - 04/24/2019

Based on my assessment interaction, I was treated with respect by the people at New Directions. Trevor listened to what I had to say and was very understanding. I would definitely recommend this assessment to anyone else that needs the report. Thanks

JH - 02/27/2019

I’m especially pleased with the professionalism, timeliness and willingness to help with specific questions/concerns regarding my general alcohol/substance abuse evaluation completed by Trevor. I will definitely be recommending this company and Trevor to anyone in my situation needing the same type of evaluation.

JoAnna - 02/17/2019

This service was just what I needed! I was in a rush and it provided the perfect opportunity to get my assessment done within the timeframe I needed! Highly recommended, and Trevor was very helpful, a great interviewer.

JA - 01/29/2019

I just completed my assessment interview with Trevor. He made me feel comfortable & relaxed, not the feeling he’s out to get me! It was very in-depth and eye opening for me. Several areas were covered I had not considered that cause me an issue! Very timely with the report & was willing to work with me through the process of OVI!

Mike - 01/14/2019

The overall experience of the assessment was great. Trevor Davis did my assessment, and the entire time I felt confident and comfortable while talking with him. He made the experience of having to take an assessment a lot less stressful. He made sure to understand my individual experiences instead of grouping me with others. Overall, it was a good experience.

AZ - 11/12/2018

Trevor was amazing! He made me feel extremely comfortable and was easy to open up to right off the bat! Our conversation went really well and I am really grateful to him for making it as painless as possible! Thank you, Trevor!

Trevor Davis - 09/07/2018

Trevor Davis and New Directions were very professional throughout the entire assessment process. Trevor provided me with a very thorough online evaluation in a friendly and relaxing environment. Throughout the interview process I felt comfortable opening up about my alcohol use and other questions Trevor had regarding his assessment.

JS - 09/04/2018

New Direction is a great company to get an assessment through. I live in a rural area with not many people or options for counciling services. The first place I went for an assessment was biased and gave me an unfair assessment, presumably because they are the only treatment center in the area and can use their monopoly to leverage more business.

B.H. - 08/20/2018

The services paid for next business day were exceptional, and I’m appreciative of the work done by New Directions. Highly recommended company!

AES - 08/16/2018

Working with the professionals at New Directions was an extremely positive experience. The customer support team was very caring while scheduling the earliest possible date for services. My counselor was a very experienced professional who conducted the interview and questionnaire review expertly and efficiently.

mg - 08/02/2018

Pleased with my evaluation and the job done by my evaluator.

O.B - 07/15/2018

My experience with New Directions was very positive. I completed my online evaluation from the west coast, after close of business on the east coast. The following morning, I was contacted by a representative who scheduled my assessment. The representative was cordial and efficient. My assessment was scheduled for the nearest available time. My clinical evaluator was Trevor Davis, SWA, CDCA.

C.R. - 05/11/2018

My Counselor was very fair and worked with me to provide an level-headed evaluation of my substance abuse issues with not only recommendations on treatment, but practices to improve my life moving forward. I'll be sure to use all of these tools and suggestions moving forward as I focus on changing behavioral and thought patterns in hope of creating a brighter future.

CK - 04/24/2018

"Trevor took the time and effort to complete my assessment with honesty and integrity. Very knowledgeable and a good listener. I found it easy to discuss my life with him; he was understanding and NOT judgmental. Highly recommend both Trevor and New Directions!"

jps - 04/24/2018

I was already at ease when i read about Trevor. After our conversation I was absolutely positive that his reviews were genuine 100%. This process was the painless solution to a ridiculously absurd situation I found myself in when I was faced with many false allegations.

NP - 04/08/2018

Trevor was very professional and friendly. It has been a great experience..

YK - 03/26/2018

Wonderful staff in a comfortable and therapeutic setting. 5 stars

N.G. - 02/14/2018

Trevor was excellent. While the interview was very thorough, at no time did I feel like he was judging me. He also made himself accessible if I had questions or any concerns. Highly recommended!

SE - 01/05/2018

I met with Trevor Davis and found him to be very thorough in questions as well as an active listener. I was not sure what to expect, but came away learning more than I expected about my use of alcohol and potential risks. Overall it was a good experience. I would recommend anybody would like to know more about this topic meet with Trevor.

Anonymous - 12/01/2017

I received a professional yet relaxing and comfortable Mental Health Assessment. I highly recommend New Directions for their affordability as well.

SW - 11/25/2017

I wanted to share my experience with New Directions counseling. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from this experience but I was relieved to learn that Trevor and the folks there were professional, considerate, courteous, complete and most of all non judgemental.

B Kennedy - 11/19/2017

Needed a drug and alcohol evaluation done within a very small time frame. They were amazing with how fast they got back to me and set everything up, worked with Trevor who was so kind and guided me through everything and was so willing to help. Thank you to Trevor and New Directions for everything!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Katie M. - 11/16/2017

Directions Counseling group is very professional. They spent much time with me to evaluate my current situation. I appreciate your professionalism and your response time. Thank you

Jamie - 10/26/2017

New Directions was great to work with. Very professional, very polite, and had very quick follow ups. I highly recommend using New Directions.

RG - 10/12/2017

I was in need of an alcohol assessment, and Trevor Davis helped me dramatically in creating a fair assessment that allowed me to constructively work on my alcohol use, while also fitting within my specific needs. I recommend New Directions Counseling to anyone who wants a fair and honest assessment through a route that offers quality customer service.

AB - 10/09/2017

After I completed my payment the service was really fast, I got the call of the Evaluator at the expected time and my result was right in time for my court case. The staff and the Evaluator explained the process carefully and were happy to answer any questions or concerns I had.

AR - 08/03/2017

I've had nothing but positive vibes and caring staff while visiting Directions. Trevor is sincere, direct and very easy to talk with. I came in under a stressful situation but from the moment I walked in the door I was greeted in a professional, comfortable and relaxing office.

Allison Dunlap - 08/02/2017

I had a comfortable and relaxed experience. The conversation went smoothly and casual. I was able to be open and honest with Trevor.

Grace M - 06/05/2017

I needed an alcohol assessment for a court on 17 year old DWIs. Initially what seemed like an overwhelming task became easy when I did an internet search and found Directions and Mr. Trevor Davis. They seemed to know exactly what I needed and compiled the information in a very professional and objective fashion. I am very pleased with their final report which should satisfy the court.

JC - 05/11/2017

My request was handled quickly and in a very professional manner. Tess and Trevor were a pleasure to work with, and were able to quickly respond to my schedule. I would highly recommend Directions Counseling. Thank You!

BD - 04/07/2017

I was court ordered to have a substance abuse evaluation. I was extremely nervous about the whole process. Right from the beginning of the conversation Mr. Davis made me feel at ease and comfortable. We walked through the process and then went through the evaluation. Mr. Davis was very professional and understanding of my situation. After the evaluation Mr. Davis promptly sent me the report.

J.G. - 04/04/2017

Trevor Davis, Substance Abuse Evaluator is wonderful. We worked together in order to get a A&D evaluation done for court. It went so well and I'm now a free woman due to his fair and balanced evaluation. I appreciate the care, time and attention to detail he included in the report.

VG - 03/20/2017

Trevor Davis from Directions was extremely helpful in providing a court mandated alcohol assessment in a short amount of time. He made the process feel comfortable and really took his time in learning about me using different scientific methods so the results would be quite accurate. Furthermore, he took the time to explain his assessment, which was completely fair. I highly recommend him!

Mary B - 03/16/2017

I did an alcohol evaluation through Trevor Davis. During the interview I found Trevor to be polite and professional. While being professional, I also found that he was easy to talk to, and found the the interview process was not as stressful as I had originally thought it might be.

M - 02/27/2017

Afraid, I reached out for an assessment by New Directions. Having a problem is never a thing to celebrate, especially when it lands you in a situation out of your control. I called for help and that is precisely what I received. This process was very professional, sensitive, and respectful. Trevor, my counselor, took plenty of time and patience while conducting my evaluation.

M.H. - 02/23/2017

I had the opportunity to meet with Brian for a 105 minute interview this week for a Alcohol and Drug Assessment as well as a Anger Management Assessment. Brian was very candid throughout the entire process and made me feel comfortable and not intimidated while going through the assessments. It was very easy to tell from the beginning that Brian is a true professional.

B.D. - 02/10/2017

I really enjoyed this service and my interviewer was calm, understanding, and gave me great advice during the interview. I recommend this service to any seeking help.

Vernon S. - 02/07/2017

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Directions Counseling Group for their highly professional services. The experience has been a positive one. During the entire process, the staff and counselor were attentive and supportive. They followed up with me at all times and completed the evaluation in a serious and prompt manner. I highly recommend their services. Thank you,

E.H. - 12/09/2016

This company and the people that work here have been nothing but extremely accommodating and helpful when I needed help the most. This organization will give you the best price and the best service for your money if you need an assessment of this nature.

Maxwell E - 10/02/2016

If you have found yourself at the New Directions website and reading these testimonials, it is most probable that you are seeking one or more of the substance and/or behavioral services provided by Brian Davis and his highly professional team.

BLEVR - 07/27/2016

The Franklin County Courts ordered me to get an Alcohol Assessment as a result of my DUI. My probation officer had given me a list of places I could choose from for my assessment.

C.S. - 07/02/2016

Just finished my chemical dependency evaluation with the staff at New Directions. I was stressed out for no good reason as the evaluator who did my assessment was very respectful, professional and did not make me feel uncomfortable. I would highly recommend these services to anyone!

R. R. - 03/21/2016

I found the entire experience at Directions very positive. From the receptionist who smiled and greeted me to Mr Davis who performed my assessment, I felt a genuine sense of caring and curiosity. This was my first time in a situation like this and I was concerned I would be met with judgment and disdain and I felt absolutely none of that.

JL - 03/17/2016

This is a FAIR and well educated institute. I recommend this to anyone who needs to have an assessment for counseling.

M.S. - 03/09/2016

As usual, I waited till the last minute to set up an appointment. I needed it done in 24 hours to wrap up my court case, but when I called they were booked. I had gotten a call back saying that Brian would make it work.

Landon - 03/08/2016

I am very thankful that I found New Directions. The process was simple and quick. A huge thank you goes to Mr. Davis for being so patient with me and going above and beyond to help me and make sure the process was painless. I highly recommended New Directions to anyone that needs help.

Anonymous - 03/01/2016

I am very thankful for the services provided by New Directions. Mr. Davis made what would normally be an uncomfortable process less painless and was very professional. The court accepted the assessments with no questions and dismissed my case. Thanks Again New Directions!

BD - 02/26/2016

Poor planning on my part left me with a 48 hour window to comply with a court mandated drug and alcohol assessment. Directions counseling provided a professional assesment well within the unreasonably small time frame I offered. The staff were incredibly flexible regarding scheduling. Willing to accommodate both my time constraint and full schedule by providing me with a phone interview.

J. R. - 01/31/2016

The environment at New Directions Counseling was very clean, the receptionist helpful and welcoming. The other staff that I witnessed greeting people were very welcoming as well. Brian Davis was extremely professional from the time I met him walking in the door through the time I left. I could tell that he cares and takes great pride in his honorable work.

Robert - 11/06/2015

New Directions treated me very well. They were very professional and helpful. I was in a tough situation and they stepped up to the plate. I would recommend them to anyone!

Bo - 02/07/2015

After being pulled over for a DUI I was devastated and scared. I contacted New Directions in hopes that I would get a fair evaluation to give to the judge. I not only got a fair evaluation but was treated with respect and dignity, something I wasn’t expecting after being accused of being a “drunk driver”. I highly recommend this company; they helped me when I was down.

J.Y. - 10/14/2014

New Directions helped me get a fresh start. I was headed for trouble, but getting a DUI really woke me up. Meeting with their counselor helped me see my drinking from a new perspective. I still drink but I can't remember the last time I had too much to drink or woke up regretting it.

S.S. - 04/06/2014

My family had an intervention and gave me the ultimatum to stop using pain pills or move out and make it on my own. It was probably one of the worst times of my life but one of the New Directions counselors helped me discover that I had a lot things going for me. With their support and some hard choices to leave some old friends behind I haven't used a pill in over a year.

M.Q. - 09/02/2013

I was arrested for a DUI with a .04 BAC. The judge agreed with my lawyer that my arrest was questionable but wanted an alcohol evaluation just to make sure I didn’t have a problem. Most places I called couldn’t even see me for 2 to 3 weeks. New Directions helped me get a quality assessment with friendly service and fortunately within 2 days.

W.J. - 05/16/2013

I had a positive drug test at work and I thought everything I had worked so hard for was going to be gone with one foolish decision. I definitely made a mistake but I’m not a addicted. New Directions helped me get what I needed in a fast and professional manner. Though I hope I never have to use them again I would recommend them to anyone.

R.F. - 11/29/2012

My boyfriend and I had several bad arguments after drinking. I had to make a decision to either work on cutting back or us breaking up. I decided that drinking wasn’t worth it and called New Directions for help. It was a good decision. The counselor didn’t preach to us or tell us we were "in denial" but helped us step back and see what was going on at a deeper level.

K.P. - 07/11/2012

I lost my license in another state 10 years ago after a DUI and haven’t drank since. When I moved to another state I was able to get a new license but when I went to renew it in January I was told I had to take care of things with the original state.

W.S. - 05/06/2012

FAQ Videos

What's the Cost?

This video covers the basics of assessment costs with our service. How much, where to find cost info on the website, rush order fees, and some discussion about what you get for your money.

What's the Process?

Tessa gives a succinct overview of the assessment process from start to finish.

Will Our Assessment Obligate You for More Services With Us?

CEO Brian Davis explains that New Directions is an independent assessment service that does not obligate customers to further services and costs. Ths is an important consideration when comparing "low cost" assessments provided at some treatment centers.

How Do I Know the Assessment Will Be Accepted?

Brian talks about what courts, employers, and various authorities look for to consider an assessment legitimate and acceptable.

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Mental Health Assessment also known as a Mental Health Evaluation

How Does a Court Ordered Mental Health Assessment Work?

Being ordered by the court to get a mental health assessment can be a stressful endeavor.  Since the majority of people involved in the court system have never had their mental health questioned before it can be a little intimidating. Common questions are – what is the process like? What is it going to cost?  Where can I get a mental health assessment? Can I get a valid assessment online? What if I say the wrong thing in the evaluation or assessment?

What to Expect at An Anger Management Assessment

Of all the work we do with individuals in the court system, court-ordered anger management assessments can be some of the most fascinating because there often is simply nothing to go on but one person’s word against another. Someone calls the police over a domestic disturbance of some kind. It could be a spouse/lover, a neighbor, or it could be a complete stranger observing someone behave in a way in public that they believe represents a threat to someone else. The police show up within the hour and make a judgment call as to whether someone is going to jail.

Things to Think About Before You Hire a DUI Attorney

New Directions recently reached out to respected Ohio criminal defense attorney Shawn Dominy for his opinion about what to consider in choosing a DUI attorney. While Shawn practices in Ohio, most of what he shares here has practical application across the country.

If you were charged with DUI (in Ohio it’s called OVI), you only have a few days before the first court appearance; the arraignment. At the arraignment, you will be asked to plead guilty or not guilty. Before the arraignment, there are three questions you should answer for yourself. 

Will Courts Accept an Online Alcohol Assessment or Drug Evaluation?

Getting your alcohol assessment or alcohol and drug evaluation done online sounds like a cool idea, but, how do you know the court will accept the assessment when you are done?

In our experience courts (as well as employers and other authorities) are very open to accepting an online assessment if certain criteria are met.  In addition to our regular counseling services, New Directions (a subdivision of Directions Counseling Group) has successfully provided online assessments for courts, employers and other authorities for the past 10 years.