Courts and employers routinely ask for an anger management assessment in cases when there has been a domestic dispute, an altercation at work, anger displayed in traffic, and other similar circumstances. Our anger management assessments seek to help you and the court or employer get an accurate picture of your current level of anger control. While many individuals do not have an established problem with anger, for those that do, we provide practical recommendations to satisfy courts or employers.and improve your ability to manage stress, frustration and expression of anger.

After completion of an assessment questionnaire and an interview (by phone/webcam/or in-person), your evaluator will place a professional court or employer-ready document in your secure account. From your account you will be able to view, print or email the document to whomever you choose. Courts and employers only see your document if you choose to provide it to them. All of our evaluators have a minimum of a Master’s degree and hold a current state license to diagnose and treat emotional disorders. Not sure about your state? Check our state map

Fee for an Anger Management Evaluation

Weekday standard service - $250.00
(Completed 4-5 business days after interview)

  • Rush Order Services

    Rush order timeframe begins after the clinical interview. Please contact us before ordering a rush order to confirm our availability.

    Completion same business day: add $225.00

    Completion next business day: add $150.00

    Completion in 2-3 business days: add $75.00


  • The Process to Obtain an Anger Management Evaluation

    • Register – directly online or call our office - call first if you are placing a rush order
    • Complete an online or in-office questionnaire
    • Interview – 45-55 min. with an evaluator in our office, webcam or phone
    • Review your secure report direclty from your online account

    Note: Some assessments may require that your evaluator review paperwork from the court or make a brief telephone contact with a character reference on your behalf

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