DOT SAP Employee Evaluations (CDL Holders, Pipeline, etc.)


The DOT Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC) has temporarily made allowance for DOT/SAP evaluations to be provided remotely online through September 30, 2020 or until it declares the COVID-19 public health emergency to be over. 

DOT / SAP Evaluations Explained Step-by-Step

Smarter Drinking for College Students

I get it that college drinking and “smart” are mutually exclusive terms.  College drinking is usually anything but smart. Isn’t that the whole point? Smart is for the classroom.  After class or on the weekend it's all about going hard….drinking fast, drinking large quantities, liquor mixed in a 50-gallon container, mixing in other substances…  all a recipe for disaster, but what student thinks a disaster is going to happen to them. “Bad things happen to other people who can’t handle their alcohol.” 

The Difference Between a Court Ordered Mental Health Assessment and a Psychological Evaluation

If you are researching how to find a court-ordered mental health assessment, mental health evaluation, or psychological evaluation things can get confusing rather quickly. These terms sound similar but they aren’t. Of course, you don’t want to show up in court with the wrong type of evaluation and you don’t want to pay for more than you need. Here’s a crash course on the differences.

Mental Health Assessment also known as a Mental Health Evaluation

How Does a Court Ordered Mental Health Assessment Work?

Being ordered by the court to get a mental health assessment can be a stressful endeavor.  Since the majority of people involved in the court system have never had their mental health questioned before it can be a little intimidating. Common questions are – what is the process like? What is it going to cost?  Where can I get a mental health assessment? Can I get a valid assessment online? What if I say the wrong thing in the evaluation or assessment?

What to Expect at An Anger Management Assessment

Of all the work we do with individuals in the court system, court-ordered anger management assessments can be some of the most fascinating because there often is simply nothing to go on but one person’s word against another. Someone calls the police over a domestic disturbance of some kind. It could be a spouse/lover, a neighbor, or it could be a complete stranger observing someone behave in a way in public that they believe represents a threat to someone else. The police show up within the hour and make a judgment call as to whether someone is going to jail.

Things to Think About Before You Hire a DUI Attorney

New Directions recently reached out to respected Ohio criminal defense attorney Shawn Dominy for his opinion about what to consider in choosing a DUI attorney. While Shawn practices in Ohio, most of what he shares here has practical application across the country.

If you were charged with DUI (in Ohio it’s called OVI), you only have a few days before the first court appearance; the arraignment. At the arraignment, you will be asked to plead guilty or not guilty. Before the arraignment, there are three questions you should answer for yourself. 

Will Courts Accept an Online Alcohol Assessment or Drug Evaluation?

Getting your alcohol assessment or alcohol and drug evaluation done online sounds like a cool idea, but, how do you know the court will accept the assessment when you are done?

In our experience courts (as well as employers and other authorities) are very open to accepting an online assessment if certain criteria are met.  In addition to our regular counseling services, New Directions (a subdivision of Directions Counseling Group) has successfully provided online assessments for courts, employers and other authorities for the past 10 years.

Alcohol and Drug Assessments for Court: 8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Service

Getting a mental health or substance abuse assessment for court is not something most people have prior experience with. Therefore, if you need an assessment for court, it can be difficult to know what service to use.

This blog breaks down the basics of court-ordered assessments, to help you make a well-informed choice when considering your assessment service options.

Relapsing Sucks: How to Avoid Wiping Out Right After Rehab and Beyond

So, you have spent the last month getting a fresh start at the rehab center. It’s a new beginning. You feel good. You’re cautiously optimistic and ready to get on with your new sober life. But you know battles will come. In fact, deep down you know they will come hot and heavy the first week.

Dealing with your GF or BF or difficult marriage. Your well-meaning but dysfunctional parents. Your crazy finances. Chronic physical pain, your boss, that 12-year old car that needs a transmission.

Hacking Your Drinking: 6 Practical Ways to Help You Cut Back Now

Twenty-five years of helping people with addictions have taught me that many people can successfully cut back their drinking if it starts getting out of hand. The results are a trade off – a little less alcohol buzz-time weighed against better health, money saved, more time on your hands and often higher self-esteem.

Here is a focused list of actionable ideas you can try if you would like to cut back on your drinking right now:

1. Choose Social Settings Wisely

Environmental stimuli have a lot to do with how people drink.


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