Will Courts Accept an Online Alcohol Assessment or Drug Evaluation?

Getting your alcohol assessment or alcohol and drug evaluation done online sounds like a cool idea, but, how do you know the court will accept the assessment when you are done? In our experience courts (as well as employers and other authorities) are very open to accepting an online assessment if certain criteria are met.  In addition to our regular counseling services, New Directions (a subdivision of Directions Counseling Group) has successfully provided online assessments for courts, employers and other authorities for the past 10 years.

Alcohol and Drug Assessments for Court: 8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Service

Getting a mental health or substance abuse assessment for court is not something most people have prior experience with. Therefore, if you need an assessment for court, it can be difficult to know what service to use. This blog breaks down the basics of court ordered assessments, to help you make a well informed choice when considering your assessment service options.

Relapsing Sucks: How to Avoid Wiping Out Right After Rehab and Beyond

So, you have spent the last month getting a fresh start at the rehab center. It’s a new beginning. You feel good. You’re cautiously optimistic and ready to get on with your new sober life. But you know battles will come. In fact, deep down you know they will come hot and heavy the first week. Dealing with your GF or BF or difficult marriage. Your well-meaning but dysfunctional parents. Your crazy finances. Chronic physical pain, your boss, that 12-year old car that needs a transmission. The list of potential triggers for stress, frustration, and discouragement is endless.

Hacking Your Drinking: 6 Practical Ways to Help You Cut Back Now

Twenty-five years of helping people with addictions have shown me that many people can successfully cut back their drinking if it starts getting out of hand. The results are a trade off – a little less alcohol buzz-time weighed against better health, money saved, more time on your hands and often higher self-esteem. Here is a focused list of actionable ideas you can try if you would like to reduce your consumption.

So What Exactly Goes on in An Alcohol or Drug Assessment...and How Much Should I Pay?

So they tell you to go get an assessment but they don’t tell you what to expect.  Who do I go to? What is this going to cost me? How do I know they will treat me fairly? Are they going to assume I am an alcoholic? Should I downplay anything that might be a red flag…. or just outright lie to them?  What if they send me to one of those treatment places?

3 Worst Fears About Getting an Alcohol Assessment

Being ordered to get an alcohol and drug assessment can create a lot of anxiety. What if I’m labeled an alcoholic? What if the evaluator just wants to say I have a problem just so she can send me to her own treatment program? What if my report makes me look bad in court?

These are all valid concerns but there are things you can do increase the chances that you won’t be manipulated in the process.

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