Get a Court Accepted Domestic Violence Assessment Now!

New Directions provides professional domestic violence assessments in-person, online or by phone for individuals in 48 States.

Courts and probation officers routinely ask individuals to complete this evaluation in cases when there has been a domestic dispute, a domestic violence (DV) charge and in some cases after a disorderly conduct charge. Our court-ordered domestic violence evaluation seeks to help you and the court (or employer) get an accurate picture of your overall all ability to engage in meaningful relationships without resorting to violence during a conflict.  

After completion of an online questionnaire and an interview (by phone/webcam/or in-person), your evaluator will provide you with a professional document appropriate for submission to the court. Courts only see your document if you choose to provide it to them. All of our evaluators hold a current state license or credential qualifying them to diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders.

Accepted in 48 States & Over 500 Counties. Check our state map.

Fees for a Domestic Violence Assessment

Weekday standard service - $575.00
(Completed 5 business days after interview)

  • Rush Order & Weekend Services

    Rush order timeframe begins after the clinical interview.

    • Completion same business day: add $225.00
    • Completion next business day: add $175.00
    • Completion in 2-3 business days: add $100.00
    • Weekend services: add $75.00
    • Holiday: call 1-800-671-8589 for quote


  • The Process to Obtain a Domestic Violence Assessment

    • Register – directly online or call our office
    • Complete an online or in-office questionnaire
    • Forward your police report to your evaluator
    • Interview – 45-55 min. with an evaluator in our office, webcam or phone
    • Receive your report in 5 business days or upgrade to a rush order for faster service