Benefits of Online Service

New Directions provides the same professional quality assessments and counseling online that we do in-person at our office. While online service may not be appropriate for every situation there are many things that may make it ideal for you including:

  • Time savings
  • Eliminate travel expenses
  • Accessibility to specialized services
  • Fast turnaround for assessments
  • Ultimate privacy (meet from home)

How an Online Assessment Works

An online assessment is very similar to an in-person assessment except that the interview with your evaluator will take place over the phone or by webcam on your computer. We encourage clients to use a webcam to increase the quality of the contact but realize that not everyone has access to a computer with a webcam. Either way, our assessment process involves 5 steps:

  • Register – directly online or call our office
  • Complete our online questionnaire (average 15-20 minutes)
  • Complete a 45-60 minute interview with your evaluator (by webcam, phone or in-person)
  • Provide your evaluator with necessary documents for your situation (see document list on specific assessment webpages / you can fax, email or upload your documents)
  • Receive a summary report to view, print or download from your account

Who Accepts Online Assessments?

Our professional reputation has been built on providing thorough, timely and professional reports to our clients. Our online assessments are regularly accepted by judges, attorneys,BMVs/DMVs, probation officers, large corporations, and government agencies. While courts, motor vehicle bureaus and employers generally approve and accept our assessments there are a few assessment contexts for which we require the assessment to be completed in-person because of the requirement limitations set out by governing bodies (e.g. DOT SAP evaluations, Federal Aviation Administration Substance Abuse Evaluations, and some health care professional assessments such as physicians, nurses and pharmacists).

How Does Online Counseling Work?

Online counseling simply means that you will speak with your counselor by webcam or phone. Since online counseling is a relatively new way to obtain help there is a lack of research published to demonstrate the effectiveness of it in comparison to traditional in-person services. Despite the lack of research many clients find it affords them unique privacy which allows them to open up and converse in a manner that yields a tremendous result. Many therapists report that online clients tend to be more open than they are in-person and this may be because individuals are more relaxed when they are in the safety and familiarity of their own home or other private location. Online counseling is not always an appropriate form of therapy (such as in the case of a crisis) and our professional team reserves the right to refer individuals to other resources if we do not believe that online counseling would be beneficial or it would involve substantial risk to a users mental health.