Notice: New Directions is changing our name to US Court Assessments. Rest assured, you'll get the same high quality assessment service.

Benefits of Remote Online Assessments

New Directions has been providing high-quality professional assessments remotely online since 2012.  When COVID-19 arrived, courts, probation officers, employers, and health professionals, and the public at large realized the tremendous benefit of being able to conduct a clinical interview online. While online service may not be appropriate for every situation there are many things that may make it ideal for you including:

  • Health safety
  • Time savings
  • Eliminate travel expenses
  • Accessibility to specialized services
  • Fast turnaround for assessments
  • Maximum privacy (meet from home)

How an Online Assessment Works

An online assessment is very similar to an in-person assessment except that the interview with your evaluator will take place via a smartphone, desktop, or laptop computer. Some assessments can be done using a simple phone call and others are better done using a face-to-face videoconference. Either way, our assessment process involves 4 steps:

  • Register – directly online or call our office
  • Complete our online questionnaire (average 15-20 minutes)
  • Complete a 45-60 minute interview with your evaluator (by videoconference or phone)
  • Receive a summary report 5 business days from the day of your interview (or same-day, next-day, 3-day expedited services available)

Who Accepts Online Assessments?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people view videoconferening, almost all courts, probation offices, employers, and various authorities are authorizing the use of online telehealth evaluations, provided the evaluator is a state-licensed mental health provider.  However, we do advise you to carefully select evaluation services and only use a professional who has several years of experience submitting assessments and evaluations to courts, employers and other professionals.  While online assessments are currently viewed as a generally acceptable option, you also want the evaluation report to show that the evaluator has the experience and professionalism the authority is looking for. New Directions provides you with the benefit of over 25 years of clinical experience working with courts and employers and over 15 years of experience providing professional assessments conducted online by video or phone.