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If you are an employee working under DOT rules and test positive or refuse a DOT drug or alcohol test, the employer must follow specific federal guidelines before allowing you to perform (or be hired to perform) safety-sensitive duties. New Directions regularly provides this service to truck operators, pilots, heavy equipment operators, pipeline and HAZMAT workers. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific situaton, learn more about the process and service fees.   After speaking with you we will send a link which you can use to complete all of your paperwork online.  Once your papwork is completed we will contact you to set up an in-person meeting with a qualified SAP (substance abuse professional with DOT specific training). 

You can begin the DOT/SAP assessment process with us by creating your account here.

Federal regulations do not permit DOT/SAP evaluations to be completed by phone or videoconference, therefore you will want to be prepared to come to our office in Columbus, Ohio. If you live too far away to visit us in-person please call us at 800-671-8589 and we would be glad to help you find a local DOT/SAP evaluator. 

If you are not under DOT (or FAA regulations) our employer required assessment should be adequate for your employer. Your employer is welcome to review our website or call us for additional information and references. We can provide direct contact to HR professionals from reputable corporations who have entrusted their safety-sensitive employees to us for substance abuse evaluations for the past 15 years.

For specific questions about DOT SAP assessments and fees contact us at 1-800-671-8589.

If you are pilot, air traffic controller or work in the aviation profession, click here for more information. Individuals working in the aviation field often have two concerns when acquiring a substance abuse assessment. First, they may need to meet with a qualified SAP if there has been a DOT rule violation (positive test or refusal). Second, they may need to meet with an evaluator who is knowledgeable about FAA requirements (Part 67 Medical Certificate holders). Some providers can meet your evaluation requirements for one concern but not the other. We have providers who are familiar with and qualified to provide services that address both DOT and FAA concerns. You can learn more on our FAA Assessment page.

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