Information for Employers


  • Safety-sensitive employee substance abuse assessments/evaluations
  • Assessments for medical professionals
  • DOT Employees / qualified SAP providers
  • Safe-return-to-work recommendations included in all assessments

New Directions Substance and Behavioral Services provides professional assessments for individuals after a drug or alcohol violation in the workplace. Our evaluators can meet the specific needs of a wide range of employers, including freight delivery/transportation companies, medical services and professionals, DOT regulated employees, aviation professionals, and corporate executives. Regardless of the occupation or industry, our assessments evaluate individuals in terms of their readiness to resume their normal duties and make specific return-to-work recommendations including timeframes for a return to work and recommended short and long term follow-up drug/alcohol testing for the employee.

Provider Standards

Our substance abuse providers hold a substance abuse or chemical dependency credential and are either independently licensed or under the supervision of an independently licensed professonal. All of our clinicians use the American Psychological Association's DSM-5 diagnostic manual. We welcome questions by all employers regarding our services. You may contact us at 800-671-8589 or email us at