Courts, prosecutors, attorneys, and adoption agencies often ask for a mental health assessment if you have received a legal charge of disorderly conduct, domestic violence or any incident that involved an altercation that resulted in law enforcement investigating. Incidents such as this could involve any number of mental health conditions (e.g. depression) but the request for an assessment often is a precautionary last step in the legal process before dismissing or plea bargaining a legal charge to close a case. In some cases, adoption agencies proactively require mental health assessments, even if you have never had formal legal charges. Regardless of the reason for the request, your assessment will provide you with a professionally prepared report that includes professional recommendations or a statement that no relevant conditions exist and no further steps are professionally or clinically recommended. When finished, you may access your mental health assessment report from your secure account. From here you can view, print or download the document for your own purposes. Court and legal professionals only see your document if and when you choose to provide it to them.

Accepted in 48 States & Over 500 Counties Check our state map.


Mental Health Assessment fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.
Please speak to our customer service team for pricing and next steps.

  • Rush Order & Weekend Services

    Rush order time-frame begins after the clinical interview.

    • Completion same business day: add $225.00
    • Completion next business day: add $150.00
    • Completion in 2-3 business days: add $100.00
    • Completion in 5 business days: no additional fee
    • Weekend service: add $75.00
    • Holiday service: call 1-800-671-8589

Call for Service

  • The process to obtain a Mental Health Assessment is:

    • Register Online
    • Call our office to determine the appropriate fee and receive a payment link
    • Complete an online or in-office questionnaire
    • Interview – with an evaluator in our office, webcam* or phone (45-55 min.)
    • Email, fax, mail or upload any necessary documents to the evaluator 
    • Access your secure report directly from your online account