• How does an online assessment work?

    Online assessments can be done in 3 easy steps:

    • Create your account and complete a 10-15 minute questionnaire
    • Schedule/Complete a 45-minute interview with an evaluator (by phone, webcam, or in- person)
    • Receive your personally signed professional report to review & forward from your account (no paper documents necessary)
  • How much will my assessment cost?

    Assessment fees vary depending on the service needed. Click the assessment drop down menu to find your assessment and read about details and fees. Rush orders are also available with fees that vary according to the completion time-frame you request. Speak with our customer service representative to discuss a rush order.
  • How much does counseling cost?

    Standard 45 minute sessions are $150.00. Some individuals may qualify for our sliding fee scale. Speak with our customer service representative for more information.
  • Will my health insurance reimburse or pay for an assessment or counseling?

    Online Assessments and Counseling

    Some insurance companies may not pay for or reimburse you for telehealth services obtained online. Check with your plan administrator to find out if you can submit your expenses for reimbursement from your Health Savings Account.If you come to our office in-person take your insurance receipt and submit it for potential reimbursement.

    In-Person Assessments and Counseling

    New Directions Substance and Behavioral Services is not contracted as an in-network provider with any insurance company. Some out-of-network plans will reimburse you for our services. We encourage you to call your insurance company to find out what benefits you are eligible for. Regardless of your plan, you will need to pay the fee prior to receiving services. You can obtain an insurance receipt for in-person services and submit it to your HSA or insurance company for reimbursement according to the terms of your specific plan.

  • What are the advantages of online service as compared to in-person service?

    Assessments and counseling conducted online provide multiple benefits:

    • Eliminates the need to travel while giving immediate access to a professional trained to provide a specific type of assessment or counseling. Avoiding traffic, saving time and fuel are often the first reasons why clients consider our service.
    • Provides privacy, as users do not need to enter a mental health facility and all service is provided via encrypted and secure electronic connections.
    • Assessments can be completed in a short timeframe. Our customer service model is built upon our ability to provide an approved professional report when you need it. The total time commitment for a typical assessment is 1 hour. That's 15 minutes to register and complete a questionnaire and 45 minutes for an interview. Our evaluators will deliver your report in 5 business days. We also provide rush order assessments for those who need a report sooner. Additional fees apply for rush order services.

    Our online service is especially popular for our assessment services which involve only a one-time online (phone or webcam) meeting. For ongoing counseling needs many individuals also choose our online service if they are comfortable and familiar with the online meeting process. Ultimately, the online vs. in-person choice is a matter of personal preference.

  • Can I find out before paying for my assessment if it will be accepted?

    Our assessments are accepted in most state courts and many state DMVs. Please refer to the "check my state" map on our home page to check your specific state. If you are still concerned about acceptance you may call our office or speak directly to the requesting authority that is asking for the assessment. If they wish to call us before you begin services with us we will be happy to discuss our credentials, reporting standards, and provide professional references to them. You can also refer them to our courts or employers information pages for detailed information if they prefer to look us up online.
  • Will you send the assessment report directly to me when it is completed?

    Your evaluation will be available online in your secure account once your evaluator has it completed. This eliminates the risk of someone finding or accessing your assessment in your email account. From your account you can view, print or download your assessment report.
  • Will my fees be refunded if my assessment is not accepted?

    Asssessment Fees (not rush order fees) are refundable when requesting parties will not accept our assessment and you meet the conditions of our Terms of Service Refund Policy. Refunds must be requested within 45 days of assessment completion.  Please read our refund policy under Terms of Service carefully before requesting a refund.
  • Do you have references that I can check before I decide whether to register for an assessment?

    Yes. Please contact us by phone and we will be happy to provide you with professional references.
  • Will you help me complete my state BMV/DMV forms?

    Yes. Many states require that portions of the paperwork be completed by the substance abuse evaluator while other portions can only be completed by you. In some cases we charge a fee to complete state forms. Speak with your evaluator about the exact fee for your state forms.
  • I need my assessment quickly, can you meet my deadline?

    We provide rush order services for an additional fee. If you need your assessment quickly, please contact us first to assure that we can provide you with the full service by the date you need.
  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept major credit cards (online or over the phone).
  • Will my information be kept private?

    NDSBS recognizes the legal and ethical importance of keeping client records private and confidential. Please read our Consent for Service and Terms of Agreement for a detailed description of our privacy terms, including limits to confidentiality as governed by federal law. In addition:

    • all records are stored on SSL encrypted servers
    • account passwords are set to health industry standards to include appropriate length and sufficient variation in characters to minimize chances of access by any third party
    • paper records are in locked cabinets in our offices
    • sessions conducted via webcam/video are not recorded by NDSBS
    • NDSBS is a division of Directions Counseling Group, Inc., which has a 20 year history of providing professional assessments and counseling without complaints or legal actions for privacy or ethical violations of any kind. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau and hold an A+ rating.
  • Will the treatment centers and alcohol/drug education programs in my area accept a New Directions Substance and Behavioral Services assessment?

    Every treatment center and program determines their own policy regarding the acceptance of assessments done by a third party. If you have a concern about this please speak with the center or program you are considering working with. They may also contact us directly for more detailed information and professional references.
  • What documents would I need to provide my evaluator for an online assessment?

    Necessary documents for your situation will depend on what type of assessment is being requested.  Call our 1-800 # for more specific information.
  • How do I get a copy of my police report?

    Contact the police department that charged you, your attorney or the court clerk to make this request.
  • Will the court, DMV/BMV or my employer accept an assessment completed online?

    Our professional reputation has been built on providing thorough, timely and professional reports to our clients. Our online assessments are regularly accepted by judges, attorneys, probation officers, large corporations, and government agencies. While courts, motor vehicle bureaus and employers generally approve and accept our assessments there are a few assessment contexts for where the assessment must be completed in-person because of the requirements of governing bodies (e.g. DOT SAP evaluations, Federal Aviation Administration Substance Abuse Evaluations, and some health care professional assessments such as physicians, nurses and pharmacists).

If you have a question not covered above, feel free to contact us at 1-800-671-8589