Hacking Your Drinking: 6 Practical Ways to Help You Cut Back Now

Twenty-five years of helping people with addictions have taught me that many people can successfully cut back their drinking if it starts getting out of hand. The results are a trade off – a little less alcohol buzz-time weighed against better health, money saved, more time on your hands and often higher self-esteem.

Here is a focused list of actionable ideas you can try if you would like to cut back on your drinking right now:

1. Choose Social Settings Wisely

Environmental stimuli have a lot to do with how people drink.

So What Exactly Goes on in An Alcohol or Drug Assessment...and How Much Should I Pay?

So they tell you to go get an assessment but they don’t tell you what to expect.  Who do I go to? What is this going to cost me? How do I know they will treat me fairly? Are they going to assume I am an alcoholic? Should I downplay anything that might be a red flag…. or just outright lie to them?  What if they send me to one of those treatment places?

3 Worst Fears About Getting an Alcohol Assessment

Being ordered to get an alcohol and drug assessment can create a lot of anxiety. What if I’m labeled an alcoholic? What if the evaluator just wants to say I have a problem just so she can send me to her own treatment program? What if my report makes me look bad in court?

These are all valid concerns but there are things you can do increase the chances that you won’t be manipulated in the process.


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