If you are under the age of 21 and caught drinking, in possession of alcohol or an illegal substance, it is common for courts and schools to require that you get an alcohol and drug assessment from a professional. We regularly provide assessments in-person, online or by phone for minors and minors across the United States. Being involved in a court proceeding can be stressful or scary and our staff are sensitive to this fact. The goal of the assessment is to help determine the risk level involved in your alcohol or drug use and provide proactive steps to help you move forward from the legal incident. Fortunately, many courts look for opportunities to help minors in these situations. Charges may be dropped or reduced if proactive steps are being taken to prevent future problems. In other instances, you may be offered a diversion program.  Diversion programs typically remove legal charges from your record but hold you accountable to complete some form of education or treatment to avoid future substance use problems.

An assessment with us will require anywhere from 50-90 minutes. After completing our questionnaire you will have an interview with one of our evaluators. Once the interview is complete your evaluator writes a report customized to your situation and places a copy in your secure account. From here you can view, print or download it for your own purposes. School or court representatives only see your document if and when you choose to provide it to them. Not sure about your state? Check our state map.

Fees For Underage/Minor in Possession Assessment 

Weekday standard service - $350.00
(Completed 4-5 business days after interview)

  • Rush Order Services

    Rush order timeframe begins after the clinical interview. Please contact us before ordering a rush order to confirm our availability.
    Completion same business day: add $225.00
    Completion next business day: add $150.00
    Completion in 2-3 business days: add $75.00
    All rush orders are guaranteed to deliver a finished assessment document to your account in the specified timeframe. Please note that the delivery timeframe begins after the user has completed both, a) an interview with our professional evaluator and; b) provided any necessary documents to the professional evaluator via fax, email or document upload to your account.



  • The process to obtain a Underage/Minor Possession Assessment:

    • Register – directly online or call our office - call first if you are placing a rush order
    • Complete an online or in-office questionnaire
    • Interview – with an evaluator in our office, by webcam, or phone (45-55 min.)
    • Access your secure report directly from your online account (see options below)
    • note: if your school or court has a specific form for your evaluator to review or sign, please email, fax or upload it to us for review


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