Since 2005 New Directions has provided substance use assessments for professionals who have a board rule violation (or pending) involving use of alcohol or drugs, including but not limited to the following professions:

  • Nurses & Physicians

  • Pharmacy Techs and Professionals
  • Physical & Occupational Therapists
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Attorneys
  • Counselors & Social Workers

In many cases professionals seek our assessment proactively before their licensing board requests the assessment. This may be beneficial in that corrective actions can be initiated and or completed before any official hearings or interactions occur with your board, therefore increasing the chances or preserving your professional license and mitigating disciplinary consequences against your license. 

If we don't already have a professional relationship established with your professional licensing board we can contact them directly before you begin an assessment with us to assure that our services will be accepted. 

All assessment reports are your private health information and are only released to professional boards or authorities when you provide explicit consent for us to do so. This provides you not only strict privacy but the opportunity to review your report for accuracy before it is reviewed by any third parties who may be making significant decisions about your ability to practice in a professional field. 


Weekday standard service - $450.00
(Completed 5 business days after interview)

  • Rush Order Services

    Rush order timeframe begins after the clinical interview. Please contact us before ordering a rush order to confirm our availability.
    Completion same business day: add $225.00
    Completion next business day: add $150.00
    Completion in 2-3 business days: add $75.00



  • The Process to Obtain a Nursing or Professional Board Assessment:

    • Register online and call us to discuss acceptance by your professional board
    • Complete an online or in-office questionnaire
    • Interview – with an evaluator in our office, by webcam or phone* (50-75 min.)
    • Recieve and review your secure report directly in your online account
    • Note: Important documents from your board my be uploaded, emailed, or faxed to us at any time.



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