If you are employed in the aviation industry there are numerous federal rules and regulations governing your work. Some rules are determined by the DOT, some by the FAA and further policies and rules are chosen by your employer. Consequently, you will want to choose a professional evaluator who has experience in aviation assessments. This will help ensure you are receiving services which will satisfy the FAA, DOT, or employer who is reviewing the completed assessment.

In recent years the FAA has increased reporting requirements of incidents involving drugs or alcohol. In some cases this can extend back extend back several decades.

Many individuals in the aviation field have a union representative who can advise them on the correct steps to take in circumstances where an incident must be reported. If you are unsure of your responsibilities you may call us and we will be happy to direct you to a neutral and knowledgeable party that can help you determine a sound course of action. You may or may not need to complete a substance abuse evaluation depending on the specifics of your circumstances.

At this time all FAA and DOT assessments should be conducted in-person and face-to-face with a qualified evaluator. If you have violated a DOT regulation (positive test or refusal to test) you will need to obtain an evaluation from a qualified SAP (Substance Abuse Professional who meets DOT training standards). If you have not had a DOT rule violation, but have jeopardized your medical certificate (e.g. certain DUI charges) we want to strongly encourage you to select an evaluator who has been HIMS trained and is experienced in providing FAA level assessments. Many individuals waste valuable time and money when they seek out a local evaluation only to discover (sometimes weeks or months later) that the FAA will not accept their evaluation. Call our office to discuss your situation in detail. We have two qualified HIMS trained evaluators on staff who are knowledgeable about FAA regulations. We can also put you in touch with experienced professionals who can help with various aspects of protecting your medical certificate when substance use is in question. Please note that FAA Substance Abuse Assessments involve extensive time and resources and therefore non-refundable and excluded from our money-back guarantee terms.

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