If you are employed in the aviation industry and have a substance use violation there are numerous federal rules and regulations governing your work and how violations are resolved. Some rules are determined by the DOT, some by the FAA, and further policies may be determined employer and exclusive to your employment agreement with them. Consequently, you will want to choose a professional evaluator who has experience in aviation assessments. This will help ensure you are receiving services which will satisfy the FAA, DOT, or employer who is reviewing the completed assessment.

If you have recently tested positive for a prohibited substance or for alcohol tested above .04 (BAC), or had your drug/alcohol test determined to be a "refusal", you will need to be evaluated by a credentialed SAP (substance abuse professional) before you can return to your normal safety-sensitive duties.  New Directions provides DOT/SAP evaluations for pilots, air traffic controllers, and other aviation professionals needing a SAP evaluation. Typically, the MRO who performed your test will contact you to inform of the test result if you have had a violation on a DOT test and advise that you are not able to perform safety-sensitive duties until completing the SAP return to duty process. 

At present, the DOT/ODAPC temporary ruling allows you to complete a SAP evaluation or assessment via telehealth video due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowance has been extended several times and is currently set to expire on June 30, 2022. To learn more about the DOT/SAP evaluation process click here

If you need an FAA substance abuse evaluation due to a DUI or information on your medical examination Form 8500 you will need to obtain an assessment from a HIMS trained substance abuse professional or addiction medicine specialist. FAA Substance Abuse Evaluations must be completed in person. If you are having difficulty locating a HIMS trained evaluator we encourage you to reach out to Aviation Medicine Advisory Services for additional guidance. While we have HIMS trained substance abuse professional on our staff,we are presently unable to provide FAA substance abuse evaluations. If you are in the Central Ohio area you can reach out to us directly in order to obtain a local referral to a HIMS trained evaluator.



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