Our goal is to help you obtain an assessment report in a professional yet efficient manner - online and with little or no email, faxing or paperwork. Below are the steps to our assessment process and the time typically required to complete each one. Completion times vary according to assessment type and your ability to complete each step in a timely way.

  1. Register and Purchase Service– after registering, simply browse to the correct assessment page and make your purchase with a credit or debit card. Once registered, you can manage the process through your private account and guided by an easy 3-step progress bar.
  2. Complete a Questionnaire – each assessment has a questionnaire suited to the authority you are reporting to. You can complete it online and save all answers in your account. Your evaluator will review your questionnaire responses before speaking with you in a phone interview or video conference interview. Time to complete the questionnaire varies from 10-20 minutes.
  3. Complete a Phone or Video Conference Interview –  once you have completed your questionnaire online our staff will call you to schedule an interview. This is typically scheduled within 24-48 hours and requires 40-50 minutes of actual interview time. 
  4. Email, Fax, or Upload necessary documentation - If you are seeking an evaluation to reinstate your license with a DMV or BMV we may need to review additional documents from your state to be compliant with state requirements.
  5. Wait for Your Evaluator to Send Your Report - Once the report is ready your evaluator will email a copy for you to review.   Evaluators send reports within 5 business days, or sooner if you purchase rush order service (same day, next business day, etc.). 

Some assessments may require an extra step or two, depending on the requirements of the state or requesting authority. If you need any technical support as you go through the process just email us at support@ndsbs.com or call 1-800-671-8589.